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  • COVID-19 Emergency Fund
    COVID-19 Emergency Fund
    Host: Marion, Terri
    Category: General
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      • Raised
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        • Goal: $ 100,000.00
    • Due to the global pandemic virus COVID 19…and out of an abundance of caution, care and concern, Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Georgia has made the difficult decision to suspend daily in-house operations at each of our club locations.  We have made that decision because our #1 priority as a premier Youth Development agency will always be for the health and safety of our club members, staff and volunteers.

      Over the past few weeks…we’ve heard words like Trying-TimesUnprecedented and Never-Seen-Before to describe the uncharted environment we’re experiencing today. As we all struggle with finding solutions to help us navigate through this crisis I want you to consider what you can do, or what role you can play to help us help young people during this uncertainty as we move forward.

      Obviously, we would prefer that this clubhouse and all our clubhouses be filled to compacity with vibrant smiling faces…but we must be realistic and observe the need to practice good social distancing at this time. However…as a Youth Development organization that strives to serve those that need us most…we want to do all that we can do to continue providing programs and service to our members and families and in the most safe and effective manner possible.

      We are currently exploring and working on high-yield Virtual learning and programming options that are meant to engage our members through Facebook, YouTube and Zoom.

      These virtual options when implemented…will be led and facilitated by our professional club staff.  We are also exploring several options that would allow us to continue providing nutritional snacks and hot meals.  Hundreds of school-age young people that have come to depend upon the snacks and hot meals provided by our clubs to supplement their daily nutrition.

      We understand that these are unprecedented times for all of us, but I want you to know that the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Georgia is actively responding to needs of our club members…and the communities we serve…and we’re asking for your help in our efforts to response to this COVID 19 crisis.

      We want to ensure that no child who is in need will go without we have established an emergency support fund called the COIVD 19 Emergency Fund and we ask you to join us by donating just $19.00 today.

      Your $19.00 donation today will help to make sure that the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Georgia is able to continue provide programs, services, snacks and hot meals for the 550 young people that have called our clubs their second home each day.

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